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about me

Hi, My name is Jonathan. I'm a game developer and Virtual Reality Enthusiast who specialises in using Unreal Engine 4. In the past 5 years, I've graduated University with a BA Hons in Game Arts, worked as the Virtual Reality team leader for a local tech development company and for the past year I've been working successfully as a Freelance VR Developer, Lecturer and Tutorial Creator.



Creating real-time game content using both 3DS Max and  Blender.  

  • PBR Material and Texture Creation in Substance Suite.  

  • Real-time Game Development using Unreal Engine 4, including in-depth knowledge of Virtual Reality, Blueprints, Lighting and Optimisation.


  • Development for a variety of platforms including Desktop,  Desktop VR and Mobile VR (Oculus Quest.)  

  • Managing and organising projects using Source Control such as  Github and Perforce

Freelance Projects

​One Polygon | Signature Lodge Archviz | 2019 |  Virtual Reality Walkthrough

One Polygon | 3D Product creation | 2019 |  3D Modeling

​Information is available on request.

Under NDA | Virtual Reality Finance Application | 2019  | Full project

​Information is available on request.

Under NDA | Mobile Archviz for the Oculus Quest   | 2020 | Full Walk Through

​Information is available on request.


Freelance / ​VR Developer and 3D Content Creator  June 2019 - PRESENT, Plymouth


Working with a variety of clients across the UK, and Europe I have constructed VR E-learning content, high quality renders, product visualisation, and real-time architectural projects. I have experience creating content for multiple platforms using software such as 3DS Max,  Blender, Unreal Engine 4, Photoshop and Substance Suite.  


One Polygon / ​XR Developer  June 2018 - June 2019,  Plymouth

As the lead XR (Extended Reality) Developer for One Polygon my role was to work alongside the clients which the company has to produce  Virtual and Augmented Reality content, specifically targeted towards  Architecture and E-Learning projects. While there I have worked alongside Plymouth University, Plymouth College of Art, SpongeUK and  Signature Lodges. A large part of my role was organising and managing tasks while finding creative solutions to the unique challenges each project would have. 

TruVision / ​3D Environment Artist  Jun 2017 - September2017,  Plymouth

I was brought in to work as part of a small team to showcase high-quality products using Virtual Reality. The main focus of my role was to create real-time 3D assets for use in Unreal Engine 4.  

Training & Workshops

3D / VR Tutoring

I provide tutoring to groups and individuals who are interested in creating digital content for the use of Virtual Reality. I teach multiple students of all age's around Europe who are interested in learning and developing Digital content.

AYCH (Atlantic Youth Creative Hub)

AYCH is a European project funded by the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme. On multiple occasions I've worked alongside the AYCH team and lecturers here in Plymouth, Devon to run workshops focused on teaching young adults how easily accessible new technology is and how it can and is being used in multiple industries and STEAM (Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Mathematics) related content. Virtual Reality Development. 

Youtube & Discord

Although a different take on teaching for the last 9 months I've been working on building an online community using Youtube and Discord where I create tutorials focused on Virtual Reality development and content creation using Unreal Engine 4 and Virtual Reality hardware. If you're interested feel free to check them out using the links below.



Epic Games Online Learning


Epic Games provide their own online learning content which comes with qualifications for those using their software, These are provided on completion of courses and online Tests. Here is my currently completed Achievements list. This will be updated regularly.  

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