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I first started out doing individual tutoring for local students and it quickly grew to something bigger. I've taught lectures at the local University, attended internationally funded events as a guest speaker and have recently been teaching individuals from a variety of European countries online wishing to learn Unreal Engine and 3D Development. Due to the interest in VR development and people wanting to learn I launched the Game Dev XR online community.


Elizabeth Zahoui / Smart Citizens Programme Lead AYCH (Atlantic Hub Creative Hub)

"Jonathan is a highly motivated, skilled and always looks to develop the very best work for his clients. His impeccable professional attitude is one that will be a surefire beacon of success for any team and/or client."

What is Game Dev XR?

Game Dev XR is an online community I created because of my passion for Virtual Reality development, hardware and teaching.

If you'd be interested in being part of such a community you can join the discord server on the left or subscribe to the Youtube channel down bellow. I look forward to seeing you there. 


I offer tutoring for groups, individuals and businesses. I provide tutoring in 3D modelling and Unreal Engine Development for Desktop and VR. For further information, or to arrange a session please get in touch.


Please note that for the time being sessions will be online only. 


Thanks for submitting!

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