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One Polygon - Interactive E-Learning Platform

Developed while working at One Polygon, I was the sole developer for this project. This Laboratory was created as an interactive E-Learning experience for Plymouth University's Geo Morphology department. 

The experience was designed to introduce students to the course and what they could expect from it,  including how to use specific laboratory equipment found in the university which is explained by the course leader herself. As well as the laboratory, I used drone footage to recreate the Atacama desert using Photogrammetry so users could see what it's like to travel as part of the course. 


Using Photogrammetry I recreated real-world artefacts which the user could find within the scene. The real-world objects were then accessible outside of the experience

To develop this project I used 3DS Max, Agisoft (Photogrammetry software), Substance Suite and Unreal Engine 4. Originally created for the HTC Vive the project was then built for cross-platform support to work with the Oculus Rift. 

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